The Midnight Poet Lurks

A mysterious poet is leaving handwritten poems on people’s doorsteps in Morgantown. Is this possibly a new distribution paradigm, a challenge to traditional publishing?

Recipients of the poems don’t seem to mind:

The Goldmans are intrigued by the poems they found at their doorstep. They say they weren’t aren’t offended or upset in any way and do appreciate the form of expression.

“I think it’s very nice for our community to have something like this, it’s delightful,” Irving Goldman said.

While the poems don’t appear to be threatening, they are pretty poorly written:

I begin to grasp

The unbearable lightness of being

As I recognize the inadequacy of language

Pustules of raw emotion

Remain dulled with grammatical confinement

And benevolent features

Harden with the crux of conformity

I really hope the poet isn’t caught or revealed, but I see the makings of flash mob poetry in this.

Story and video here.

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