My poem “What We Spent it On” is included on page 12 of this issue. Taylor Hodge’s “Closing Shift” (around page 33) is one of of the stand-out poems in this issue, but there are many more.



The newest issue of Stone Highway Review is up and available for your reading pleasure. If you are looking for some poetry – this is probably where you want to go. We have poetry and prose from writers like Meg Tuite, Walter Bjorkman, Hanna Elson, Stephanie Dickinson, Carol Berg, Matthew Porubsky, JP Reese, LeeAnn Oliver, Joy Ladin, and many more.
What will you find? A creative interview with Jean Seberg, tequila, crows, the female body, rewritten fairy tales, stingrays, and homage to Aurora, miscarriages, loss of virginity, thistle, Delphine, and a son battling mental disorders – and of course, much much more.
As always, the issue is FREE to read online, by going to You can also purchase a print copy, if you so desire, for less than $5. To purchase a print issue, click on the image.

Cover photo by Eleanor Bennett – titled “Cling to Breath”

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  1. I realize this post is old, but I just found it (after Googling my name…a little ashamed, but hey, I’ll admit it) and I’m so flattered you considered my piece worth mentioning! Finding this post is such a self-esteem boost, as I’ve been in a slump again lately. There were so many well-crafted pieces from very talented writers, and to find out one of mine was considered a “stand-out poem” by a fellow poet has just made my day (hell, my whole year). Thank you for your kind words!

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