New Poetry Workshop: Nostalgia

Registration is now open for my Rosemont Writers’ Studio workshop: Poetry from Nostalgia. While the description says an MFA is required–just ask me or the program director for permission if you don’t have an MFA. Basically we just want to make sure you have some prior workshop experience and have read a decent amount of contemporary poetry.

Anyway, the workshop description is as follows:

The most fertile ground for finding writing material is in our own past. Our memories and how we feel/reflect on them often produces the best poems, as well as the best insights for the present. We’ll look to your home, your childhood, and your past friends to discover triggers for new poems. We’ll also discuss when it’s right to exaggerate or even lie, especially when writing about your life. This workshop will help writers find ideas and offer strategies for developing them into engaging works.

This is a six-week course, conducted on Thursday evenings beginning February 8th, 2018.  Let me know if you have any questions. Registration and all the other stuff can be found at this link.

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