Reckless Constellations Nearing Publication

Cov_Mock_Clauser_ba2016_v2Hey, just thought I’d let people know that my fourth book, Reckless Constellations, winner of the 2016 Cider Press Review Book Prize, is almost published. I just looked at the final proofs and the cover, added a dedication and some small tweaks. I’m very excited to see this come into the world. You can pre-order it now from the publisher. If you’re local to me (greater Philadelphia area), you can get one in person at one of the readings I’ll be doing in 2018. It will also be available on all the typical online book places.

I very much appreciate all the work the editors at Cider Press Review put into this, and the editors of the journals in which many of these poems previously appeared.  And thank you to Sarah Freligh and Roy Bentley for generously writing back cover endorsements for the book. That means a lot to me. Also I want to thank Anne Harding Woodworth who was the final judge for the contest. If you want to pre-order it, click here.

Here’s one of the poems from the book, originally published in West Texas Literary Review:



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