Check out No River Twice, Poetry Improv that’s Never the Same Reading Twice

Last year my friend Hayden Saunier, a poet and actor, came up with an idea to change up what a traditional poetry reading is like. She invited a handful of people to a meeting at her house, and there No River Twice was born.

No River Twice is a poetry improvisational group. Our group poetry readings don’t have planned reading lists, reader orders or themes–they’re completely spontaneous and responsive to audience input. At a NRT reading, the poets take cues and suggestions from the audience and each other, so each performance is unique, the poems interconnect, weave and flow in a unique way that connects the readers to the listeners. We’re not inventing new poems on the spot, but we’re inventing new synergies, which makes each performance collaborative and new.

We held our first public performance in January at Fergie’s in Philadelphia, and have had a few since. Our next one will kick off the new Caesura poetry conference in Phoenixville, PA, August 17.

It’s hard to explain exactly what NRT is, so you should just come to one of our events–it’ll change the way you think about poetry readings.


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4 thoughts on “Check out No River Twice, Poetry Improv that’s Never the Same Reading Twice

  1. This sounds a little like something I created, a performance called “Nobody’s Wedding.” We had a big wheel (now rotting in my shed) containing themes, words, etc. Someone would spin the wheel, and when it stopped on, say, “Puppies” or “Yellow” or “Injustice,” any of the five or six poets involved would ring in if they had a poem on that topic to share. We did it a few times; I don’t think we ever quite refined it. I’d love to participate in something like No River Twice.

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