New Nature Poetry Workshop

small_creekI spent another Sunday hiking trails with my dog, Emmett. In my pocket was a little Field Notes notepad, the kind I usually have with me because they’re small (fit in a pocket) and are reasonably sturdy and good for writing down short observations or sometimes, if I’m lucky, whole poems.

Anyway, if you’re in the greater Philadelphia area, I want you to know about a new poetry workshop I’m leading at Rosemont College. It’s called Poetry of Wilderness and Wildness, and it starts April 18 and runs for six Thursdays at 6pm.

As I’m sure you guessed, the theme is nature poetry. We’ll look at lots of favorite nature-based poems, talk about how things in the wild can be great tools for metaphor and discovery and we’ll work on your own nature poems. This is a non-credit workshop, which means it’s open to anyone. It’s good for post-MFA grads who miss having a regular writing community and also for beginners who want to explore something new.

Information and registration can be found here.

Here’s a recent poem which started as some random lines on one of those little notebooks.



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