Me at MACLinks to the original journals are provided where available. Some of the poems here can be found in my books Muddy Dragon on the Road to HeavenReckless Constellations, The Magician’s Handbook,  Necessary Myths, or The Trouble with Rivers.


“Mud Season” in Cumberland River Review

“Mounding Potatoes” in The Dodge

“Proper Use of Knots in the Wild” in Kenyon Review

“Cottonwood” in Bracken

“Sunflower” in Atticus Review

“Talking with Birds” in Valparaiso Poetry Review

“Addendum to the Note on John Keats’ Grave Marker” in Pine Hills Review

“Plans We Made” in Two Hawks Quarterly

Two poems in UCity Review

“Going Through the Motions” in Greensboro Review

“Confession” in Cider Press Review

Four poems in ONE ART 

“J35” in Verse Daily

“Proper Selection of a Survival Knife” in Louisiana Literature

Three poems in January Review

“Thoroughbred” in Rattle  

“He Knows What Makes Old Men Grumpy” in Superstition Review

“Elegy for a Turkey Vulture” appears in Bear Review.

“Walt Whitman at the Armory Hospital” in The American Journal of Poetry

“for these dead birds sigh a prayer” in Museum of Americana 

Two poems in About Place Journal 

Two poems in Watershed Review

“Gravity” at Split Rock Review

“Muddy Dragon on the Road the Heaven” in Superstition Review 

Two poems in issue 21 of Gulf Stream Magazine

“January” in Barren Magazine

“Trouble Light” in Cortland Review

“Vanishing Point” in Verse Daily

“Hexenkopf Hill Road” in Gravel Magazine

“Tree House Hill” in Foliate Oak Magazine.

“Ode to Hellgrammites” in Cider Press Review.

“Things She Couldn’t Let Go Of” in The Cumberland River Review.

“Confessions of a Snipe Hunter in Crab Creek Review.

“Tumble Brook” in The Kentucky Review.

“Belly Full of Bees” in The Good Men Project.

“Catch and Release” in Two Hawks Quarterly.

Two poems in the summer 2016 edition of The MacGuffin 

“For You My Love, Alchemy” in Amaranth Review

Two poems in the July 2016 edition of The Red Earth Review (Oklahoma City University)

“Bluegill” in vol 53 of The Southern Poetry Review.

“Ode to Scrapple” in Philadelphia Stories.

“Going Back” at Hawaii Pacific Review.

Two poems, “The Good Lie” and “Ode to Bats” at Superstition Review (Arizona State University).

“More Advice for My Daughters” in Issue 5 of One (Jacar Press)

Two poems at Marathon.

“Kabir Says” at Mason’s Road.

“Finding Water On Mars” at Split Rock Review.

Two Poems at Cheat River Review.

My poem Sick House published by Heron Tree.

A new poem called Water Girl featured in Cider Press Review.

Here’s a new one, The Catfish Nights, just posted in The Cortland Review.

To a Miscarried Brother, in Philadelphia Stories Magazine.

Two prose poems (or flash fiction) in The Citron Review.

* * *


4 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Thanks Cleveland. I hadn’t looked at “The Sea Mother” in years, but came across it when putting old journals on a new shelf.

  2. “What My Wife Doesn’t Know About Bass Fishing” is such a good poem. I’m not a fisherman at all – last time I went fishing was fishing for Sunnies with my dad when I was seven – but this poem is really pretty and evocative. Just wanted to say that out loud. Found your page by tracing you out from your Philadelphia Stories poem this month (Want of Fire).

  3. Thanks Thomas. That poem appeared in a sportsman TV show read by someone with a real good-old-boy voice (not me). I’d post the link to the video but I lost it a few years ago and can’t seem to google it up. It’s one of the few publishing credits I was actually paid for.

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