Reckless Constellations Nearing Publication

Cov_Mock_Clauser_ba2016_v2Hey, just thought I’d let people know that my fourth book, Reckless Constellations, winner of the 2016 Cider Press Review Book Prize, is almost published. I just looked at the final proofs and the cover, added a dedication and some small tweaks. I’m very excited to see this come into the world. You can pre-order it now from the publisher. If you’re local to me (greater Philadelphia area), you can get one in person at one of the readings I’ll be doing in 2018. It will also be available on all the typical online book places.

I very much appreciate all the work the editors at Cider Press Review put into this, and the editors of the journals in which many of these poems previously appeared.  And thank you to Sarah Freligh and Roy Bentley for generously writing back cover endorsements for the book. That means a lot to me. Also I want to thank Anne Harding Woodworth who was the final judge for the contest. If you want to pre-order it, click here.

Here’s one of the poems from the book, originally published in West Texas Literary Review:



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New Poetry Workshop: Nostalgia

Registration is now open for my Rosemont Writers’ Studio workshop: Poetry from Nostalgia. While the description says an MFA is required–just ask me or the program director for permission if you don’t have an MFA. Basically we just want to make sure you have some prior workshop experience and have read a decent amount of contemporary poetry.

Anyway, the workshop description is as follows:

The most fertile ground for finding writing material is in our own past. Our memories and how we feel/reflect on them often produces the best poems, as well as the best insights for the present. We’ll look to your home, your childhood, and your past friends to discover triggers for new poems. We’ll also discuss when it’s right to exaggerate or even lie, especially when writing about your life. This workshop will help writers find ideas and offer strategies for developing them into engaging works.

This is a six-week course, conducted on Thursday evenings beginning February 8th, 2018.  Let me know if you have any questions. Registration and all the other stuff can be found at this link.

New Book: The Magician’s Handbook

magiciansfront_smallres.jpgMy third book, The Magician’s Handbook was just published by PS Books (publisher of Philadelphia Stories magazine).

Here are some brief descriptions from the back cover:

Grant Clauser’s newest collection of poems The Magician’s Handbook uses the surreal and the speculative to examine the beauty and hardship in the everyday. At once magical and mundane, these poems follow the Magician who starts as a neophyte and, like most of us hope, ends as a Magus.

      *  *  *

As intricately beautiful as it is bizarre, The Magician’s Handbook travels to the underworld and lives to tell the tale. And tell the tale it does. Gloriously, rivetingly, without pulling punches, Clauser’s unflinching vision ushers readers on a journey through forbidden realms. Zombies, magicians, carnival sideshows, and tarot readers all have their say in these spellbinding pages. But just when the narrative threatens to become overwhelmingly apocalyptic, Clauser pulls back, makes us laugh, and grounds us safely in this world, reminding us of the simple, majestic, heartrending beauty of mundanity and the redemptive power of love. A breathtaking, one-of-a-kind collection, it will make you see the world with fresh eyes.

–Tawni Waters, author of The Beauty of the Broken and Siren Song

This handbook doesn’t depend on diversion to achieve its effect. Grant Clauser is a poet with a clear eye for detail and a talent for discovering the honesty of even the most unlikely situations. The trick of this collection is how quickly we find ourselves in a world as familiar as our own.

–Brian Beatty, author of Brazil, Indiana and Coyotes I Couldn’t See

You can order the book from Amazon here.




New Poetry Workshop at Rosemont College

workshoppic1In a couple weeks I’ll be leading a new poetry workshop at Rosemont College as part of the school’s new Writers’ Studio program. All the Writers’ Studio workshops are open to all writers. You don’t have to be a Rosemont student, though some classes are geared toward more advanced writers than others.

My fall 2017 class is called The Write Bait, which I know is a little silly, but I’m a lifelong angler and a maker of bad jokes. The six week course will focus on techniques for grabbing the reader’s attention and maintaining control in your poems. Some poems are more passive in their engagement with the reader, some more active—this workshop focuses on the latter. We’ll talk about ways to attract the reader, set the hook and reel them in—sorry, more fishing jargon (I promise to keep that to a minimum in class). Each evening I’ll share a number of examples, talk about how the poems work,  show how you can use similar techniques in your poems, work on in-class exercises, workshop your own poem for the night, then send you home with a poem to write for the next night.

I promise to keep the class fun and productive and to focus on what you need to get the most out of it. The class starts September 14, meets on Thursday nights at 6 PM for six weeks on Rosemont’s beautiful campus. Rosemont’s old trees and stone buildings are really stunning, so show up for that alone.

You can learn more about the program and sign up here. Depending on your prior workshop experience, a writing sample may be requested.

Rosemont is located in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, about 11 miles from Philadelphia.

Hit me up on twitter @uniambic if you have any questions.

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