Frostwriting: Swedish Haiku

I came across the Website Frostwriting the other day.  It’s an English-language online litzine from Sweden (which explains the frost). There’s lots to like here, such as Carolyn Scarbrough’s Monday Morning. I love the image of a stream of water braided with light.

One thing I notice about much on this site is the casual, sarcastic or indifferent attitude toward death. Read The Shirt for a good example of what I’m referring too. Is that a Swedish thing (but many of the contributors are American)? My mother’s side of the family is Swedish (the Tholans and Ostergrens). I visited their native land of Malmo several years ago. Good herring.

If you visit Frostwriting be sure to check out all the Swedish haiku on the site. Here’s my favorite by Daniel Gahnertz

digging up my cat
to bury her

Apparently there’s a Swedish Haiku Society. Cool.

Also I discovered that there’s a Swedish novelist named Klas Ostergren. Maybe we’re related.

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