Who’s Going to the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival?

In less than a month the biggest poetry event on the east coast, the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival, is coming to Newark, NJ (yup, Newark). Ah well, it’ll still be worth the trip. The final schedule of events was just released. You can check out a PDF of it here. Hope to see you there. If you’re going, what will be the main events you plan to attend? I’ve never been so I’m open to suggestions on how to navigate the whole thing.

Here are a few video samples from the 2008 festival:

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2 thoughts on “Who’s Going to the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival?

  1. Hey–I missed this one. I’m going on Saturday and Sunday with my daughter. It’s become a tradition with us. This year’s event will be new for everyone, though, being in Newark. I’m cautiously optimistic. They have a new story teller this year, Minton Sparks, who sounds quite interesting. I will make a point of hearing her at some point.

    Two bits of advice:
    1. Peruse the schedule ahead of time so you can plot out which events you want to get to.
    2. If they have the apple fritter stand this year, get one. They are fabulous!

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